Heron Nationals 2025

The St Leonards Yacht Club & Motor Squadron (SLYCMS) in conjunction with the National Heron Sailing Association of Australia (NHSAA) is proud to be running the 2025 Heron National Championships.

Oops bad start!

Oops bad start! It has happened to all sailors, some on a more regular basis than others it must be said. That horror start where it just doesn’t seem to happen? It could come down to many factors, which may have been an error of judgement on your behalf, a malfunction or because of other boats actions (or sometimes inactions). But we have been there, back in the ruck watching the other boats sailing away from us. This is usually accompanied by feelings of disappointment and frustration.

Port and Starboard

Port and Starboard, the first rule we learn. When we on a port tack and have a boat approaching us on starboard tack on a converging course. We have two options regardless of being upwind or downwind. We can tack or gybe away or alter course to pass behind. Actually there is a third option but it is very messy and expensive!


Telltales are the best indicators of sail set up. The old adage “trim to the front of the jib and the back of the main is very true”, Particularly on the windward legs!

Race Planning

Race Planning Decide on a race plan before the start, gather as much evidence as you can and decide if one side is favoured! Prepare your plan, if you are pretty certain you can commit to that one side. Go for it.


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